Over the last 19 months; just like everyone in the world, we have experienced so much. As a family, we’ve learned more about eachother, ourselves and our businesses than most people do in an entire lifetime.

Unfortunately, my dad, my brother and myself need to consolidate our company. And, in doing so, after two unbelievable and uber successful years, we have to close our Neapolitan pizzeria on Culver road in Irondequoit. We’re very much hands on owners and without the proper amount of staff around us, it makes things very difficult to continue at this pace and size. This decision will ensure that the top notch products and service that we pride ourselves in, are going to be coming out of our kitchen and bakery in Gates. We look forward to having some of the very talented and passionate staff members from Culver road join us.

We may look like a small outfit from our storefronts but, we have many very important aspects of our company that we need to put our energy into. We’ll be moving forward, keying on a great dining and takeout experience. Our popular lunch spot in Gates is back to where we were pre-Covid and we’re very excited to expand that as we move forward. We’ll be focusing on our very popular and diverse catering division. Over the last 100 years in business we have catered hundreds of thousands of events. We look forward to offering the finest food and service for anything from last minute individual pan orders to full service weddings. We will also focus on our bakery and wholesale bread business that currently services almost 200 restaurants, delis and grocery stores in the greater Rochester area and beyond.

Lastly, we’d like to thank the Irondequoit community for welcoming us with open arms. You’re the main reason this has been such a tough decision. We’ll miss all of you dearly. Please come and see us in Gates.

Thank you,
The Chinappi family